Sunday, March 06, 2005


Sampson Nugba (Liberian Refugee Camp, Ghana)

Sampson is in my Humanist Movement team in the Budaburam Liberian Refugee Camp, Ghana. He's trying to find a way to pay for schooling at the University of Ghana. --Ted

Sponsorship Request

I am a 27yrs old Liberian Refugee residing in Ghana. I fled my home country because of the plight in my country. Secondly, I saw myself in a sate of uncertainty, which could jeopardize my life and desire to serve humanity.

Since my arrival on camp, I have been soliciting for UNHCR sponsorship but my effort had been futile. In spite of the disappointments, I enrolled in a community college where I have studied community Health and Education.

Notwithstanding the need, for nurses and doctors in my country has moved me to solicit for sponsorship in the field of nursing. For the past 3yrs, I have been approaching UNHCR FOR SPONSORSHIP BUT ALL MY EFFORT HAD BEEN FUTILED. Nevertheless, I have the confidence that telling my story to others can bring my wish to serve humanity in general to fulfillment.

Another reason is I would like to obtain an education, which will be of an international standard to make me serviceable to people from all walk of life. I will not have a piece of mind if my services are only limited to my country.

In keeping with my humanist status, I have committed myself to over coming pain and suffering in my life and to humanity at large. My commitment to serve had engaged me seriously in sanitary works on the Buduburam Refugee Camp. Where I had been studding Public Health and Education while seeking to enroll in a Ghanaian accredited school. I foresee myself being limited to my village back home if I do not peruse to acquire an education of international standard.

Presently I have the burning desire to go home to give my quota to my country but how can this happen if I am not fully prepared?

I would love to tell you all about myself if you have the time to commit yourself to emailing me.

Kindly see below fee for Science Students
(BSc. (Natural Sciences); BSc. (Agriculture)

Application Fee ___________________ $ 50.00
Registration Fee ___________________ $ 75.00
Tuition Fee (Science) ______________ $3,500.00 ($ 1,750.00 per semester)
Examination Fee ________________$ 200.00 ($ 100.00 per semester)
Medical Service Fee _________________$ 200.00 ($ 100.00 per semester)
Office of Int. Programs Fee ____________$ 400.00
Accommondation Fee ( Excluding meals) $ 900.00 ($ 25.00 per Week )
Total Fee for one Academic Year ______$4,825.00

NB. The above is meant for foreign students; refugees are classify under this criteria. Not withstanding I’m negotiating to pay as a Ghanaian I’ll give you the feed back if it is agreed upon.

Ted, I’ll highly appreciate your import if necessary . I’ll send info about Ghanian fees and photo copy instead of refrigerator . This info is over due pls. consider me.

Sampson Nugba
Buduburam Refugee Camp
C/o MNP State House
PO Box 46
Accra Ghana

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Docteur Banza - Congo (DRC)

----- Original Message -----
From: docteur banza
To: regula frey
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 6:03 AM
Subject: request

> Hello Regula,
> How are you? Me I am not fine. By the present I come
> to you with this request looking for the answer.
> Will you please help me with dollars 150? I have a
> probleme with my fiance`s family that I want to solve.
> I do not know what to do by now that is why I am
> asking you.
> Please, it not because I want to beg all the time.
> Sure I know that there is nothing for nothing and I am
> working for it.
> But I will give it back to you my friend. just I wish
> you can feel the same as me that I have a problem.
> I do not want to comente but please.
> I know you have done many good things into my life
> that I have never give them back ,just I want to put
> your history one more time in my life`s history.
> Help me I am not baging but asking because I do not
> have by now. It is not my habit but understand my
> affection. I will be very greatful to see your help
> Docteur.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Beatrice Browne

Beatriceis in my Humanist Movement team in the Budaburam Liberian Refugee Camp, Ghana. She's trying to find any means possible to go to Europe or the US rather than return to Liberia. --Ted

From: beatrice browne
To: ted
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:26:53 +0200
Subject: From Breatrice(story)

Dear Ted,

I am very happy again for you to ask me why I do not want
to go back to Liberia.

there are several reasons of which I cannot return to
Liberia, and they are as follows:

1.I am from the South Eastern Region in Liberia and of the
krahn tripe, a cusin of the late president Samuel K. Doe
from the town called Tuzon in Grand Gedeh County.

2. I am known by the most enemies of the late president Doe

3. Besides, my father, major Kai Brown was a member of the
Special Security Services assigned once at the Excutive
Mansion and one day while we home we saw the NPFL of
Charles Taylor led by general Gona, a Gio man entering our
house through the front door with force, at the Airfield
New Road in Monrovia and was shooting straight at my family
and my father,his two wives, Rebecca and Mary, and two of
my sisters, Rachel and Susana got killed.They and the
others by gun. In this process, the cook, Annie Gaye and
myself ran through the back door. We later felt in hands of
another NPFL rebels group led by Sam Duo and were tortured
severly. During the torturing, another arm group, AFL came
while they were firing, the NPFL rebels escaped; we all
found our way in another direction where fortunately we
passed through the bush through Bassa until we reach Grand
Gedeh, as God would help us we cross the river and entered
Ivory Coast. the torture had left my health very riduculous
and marks of beating and sores on my body about six months
before I got well all our property both in Grand Gedeh and
Monrovia where destroyed by the NPFL Rebels. I have only a
son, and the Arms Rubbers are still going on in Liberia my
country. Gona Sam Duo are still in the government of
Liberia holding high Ranks, and still Grand Gedeh my home
is not gun free. with these conditions I cannot return to
Liberia. I will appreciate if any one would help me and
improve my future life. And by now am only living on Garden
and teaching little children(voluntary job)Just to help
myself buy things for my self .
God Bless you truely your
Beatrice W. Browne
PLS: This is the story, see it for yourself and help me.

Friday, January 07, 2005


Isaac Mwase

From: Isaac Mwase
To: Ted Ernst
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 03:58:15 -0800
Subject: Help

I am a member of the Humanist Group in Africa -Zambia. I have been offered a place at the University of Zambia for studies Master of Arts in Gender Studies, but I am unable to raise the required amount of fees. Could you help link me to organisations that I may turn to?




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